Fabrication Work

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Our Process

Viewing your Slabs

Your slabs should be viewed and approved before countertops are made. Marble, Granite, Soapstone, Quartz and other natural stones are products of nature and as such, variations in color, pattern size, shape, shading, including markings are to be expected with these products. These characteristics will not affect the performance of the products in any manner.


The job site is ready for templating when all the cabinets are installed and leveled, moulding, panels and appliances--most important cooktop, down draft stove (ie., slide-in-stove), sinks, faucets, soap dispenser, hot water cal, or any other pertinent items are on site. Apron/Farmer Sinks - MUST be permanently installed prior to Template.

Very Important

The homeowner or (designated decision maker over the age of 18) MUST be present during the entire template process. This is due in part to questions regarding seams, corner radius, overhangs and "special designs" on islands, etc; therefore it is recommended that this person is familiar with the project.


We are not responsible for the moving of appliances, furniture or personal items stored in the cabinets. If it's necessary to move appliances, furniture or personal items stored in cabinets we are NOT responsible for damages.


The home owner or (designated decision-maker over the age of 18) MUST be present during the entire installation process. Placement of seams are at the discretion of the Palo All Contractors and are based on factors such as:
a) physical size of material
b) physical layout of countertop sections
c) access to job site amongst others.
Seams will be visible to the eye or touch. Color coordinated epoxy will be used to form the seam and blend in the the countertop. Even though a customer is consulted with regards to the seam location, Palo All Contractors reserves the right to adjust if needed.

Completing the installation

Plumbing and Electrical are not included in any installation. We will NOT reconnect sinks or cooktops. Cutouts for drop in sinks and cooktops may be completed on the job site and dusting is to be expected.

Final wall preparation (painting, wallpaper, etc) should not be completed prior to installation if at all possible. Care will be taken during the countertop installation, however scrapes, punctures or digs are possible. These items are considered incidental damages and are customer's responsibility to repair.

Installation of countertop is a construction process and residual dust should be expected. The customer may want to cover areas to contain the dust to the construction area. The job site will be left in broom condition.

Installation approval

After the product has been installed the customer or (designated decision-maker over the age of 18) MUST be present to inspect the countertops. At installation a customer approval form will be provided, which the customer will be asked to sign, confirming the satisfaction with the quality, fit and damage free condition of countertop.